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The objective of this undertaking is to create a workable Collective Rights Management Regulatory framework that promotes transparency, accountability and good governance among Kenyan Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).

At present, there is no regulation that guides the promotion of the values of Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance in the Collective Management industry.

The introduction of this regulation shall definitely improve the operations of CMOs through enhanced supervisory structures. It will set in place statutory parameters and standards for assessing the performance of CMOs as well as conditions and procedures under which a CMO can be put to task to prove its commitment to upholding the required standards of service delivery to its members/rights owners.

With proper laid down structures on dealing with CMO issues, the oversight body shall have effective and efficient means of addressing complaints and concerns raised in the industry and this will curb the excessive politicization of concerns raised by stakeholders. Upon successful drafting of the regulations, all stakeholders shall be involved in deliberations and finalization of the draft before adoption.

Further, licensing activities of the CMOs shall increase as the industry is expected to register greater levels of confidence in the operations of CMOs; consequently, rightsholders shall get more royalties from the CMOs.

Finally, this exercise is critical to the realization Vision 2030 as it is representational of the core values requisite in the holistic development of a nation. Improved collection of license fee shall imply greater revenue for rightsholders which will be in line with the nation’s Vision 2030 insofar as the development of the music and film industry is concerned. Further, the economic pillar of Vision 2030 aims to improve the economic standards of all citizens and more so the youth…. You can download a copy of the regulations here

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