The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) is a State Corporation under the Office of the Attorney General & the Department of Justice. It was established by section 3 of the Copyright Act 2001 and mandated with the administration and enforcement of copyright and related rights. The Board is responsible for organising legislation on copyright and related rights; conducting training programmes on copyright and related rights; enlightening and informing the public on matters related to copyright; licensing and supervising the activities of collective management societies; and maintaining an effective data-bank on authors and their works.

The Kenya Copyright Board is establishing a workable Collective Rights Management Regulatory framework that promotes transparency, accountability and good governance among Kenyan Collective Management Organizations (CMOs). This regulation shall definitely improve the operations of CMOs through enhanced supervisory structures. It will set in place statutory parameters and standards for assessing the performance of CMOs as well as conditions and procedures under which a CMO can be put to task to prove its commitment to upholding the required standards of service delivery to its members/rights owners… Read more about the regulations

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